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I am a Peter Buck Postdoctoral Fellow based in the Bell and de Queiroz Labs at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. I recently obtained my Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the City University of New York, where I was a member of the Carnaval Lab .

I study how Amazonia's extraordinary biological diversity came to be, and why it varies in geographic space.

My research seeks to uncover the history of Amazonian species and clades. I am interested in whether and how changes in climate and landscape over time (thousands or millions of years) and space (across regions) have shaped the geographic distribution of evolutionary lineages, alleles, and traits.

Outside of the lab, I like to cook, photograph, and take care of my plants. I enjoy reading about human cultural diversity and history, and discovering music from different places. I am also a fearless backpacker who has travelled through 19 countries, and counting!

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Ivan Prates
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