You can find R and Unix shell scripts that I wrote for data analyses in my GitHub page, here .

I provide scripts for my most recent projects. I plan to add scripts used in older manuscripts progressively.

I list my public GitHub repositories and their content below.

1. Prates et al. 2018 - Ecology and Evolution

This repository contains the following information:
  • R and Unix shell scripts used to prepare and filter the data and perform all analyses.
  • R scripts used to define prior ranges for the parameters of SNAPP and G-PhoCS analyses.
  • R scripts used to make plots of population genetic structure from SNMF results.
  • Processed genetic and environmental data used in all analyses.
  • Configuration files used in Ipyrad, SNAPP (.xml) and G-PhoCS (.ctl) analyses.
  • Results from analyses performed in R using the LEA package (LFMM, SNMF, genetic PCA).
  • Data used to make maps shown in Fig. 1 of the manuscript.

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